Urgent Requirement : Ref#:4117(12/13/2016)

Job Title : Systems Analyst

Primary Location : Wixom, MI, but relocation is possible.

Job description :

        • Develop html views with HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JSON and JavaScript. .
        • Create new database connection for MYSQL 2008. Develop and debug applications using EclipseIDE.
        • Develop Hibernate persistence layer modules using Java Persistence API (JPA).
        • Responsible for data migration to QA/User and Production Region.

Experience :

        • Master degree in Computer Science or Electrical Engineering.

Urgent Requirement : Ref#:1784(11/28/2016)

Job Title : System Administrators

Primary Location : Wixom, MI, but relocation is possible.

Job description :

        • Install, configure and support client's local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN)
          and Internet systems.
        • Involve in enterprise and business application development for eCommerce and management of Info
          and Technology using Java EE5, JNDI, JSP, JavaBeans, JDBC and Spring.
        • Develop SOAP and RestFul Web services and integrate them on the FUSE ESB Server.
        • Develop test cases for Unit Testing using JUnit.

Experience :

        • Master degree in Computer Science or Business Administration. Must have graduate course in Management of            Information and Technology.

Some duties include but are not limited to the
design and development
of software applications.

Selected candidates may be placed at client sites nationwide. It's true! We regularly place professionals with fortune 500 and mid-range companies across the United States.

This will be a key factor when they are encouraged to be innovative in the workplace. Innovation is everyone’s job, and if your company is striving to bring in new products, services, or processes, everyone will feel empowered to pursue their creativity.

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